About Us

When Shaun Rice first incorporated Special Tactics Solutions, Inc. in 2011, the company was solely based on the idea of creating advanced training services for Special Tactics Combat Controllers. Little did Shaun know that his company would grow into a multi-million-dollar Software Development and IT Services contractor for the United States Government, creating the long-awaited revamped Talon Point database for Assault Zone Surveys. As the company grew, the word got out that STS, Inc. was one of the best and one of the most professional training centers for Special Operations and Special Mission Units across the globe. Organizations in every branch of the U.S. military and throughout the world started to contact him; booking year-round training sessions that expanded beyond simple classroom training, and started to include Scenario Driven, and Full Mission Profile events, all organized and accommodated from the amazing Northern California Headquarters location. 

In 2015, Shaun and his growing team of Subject Matter Experts and team members, committed to the idea of providing a backbone support mechanism to all Special Mission Units and Organizations across the globe, through their introduction of their “Professionalizing the Force™” curriculum, and proven real-world Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) standardization process. Because the STS team likes to make any training session a complete and fun, as well as immersive effort, the guys often put together unique plaques, t-shirts, pints glasses, etc., and other mementos for those who participated in a Professionalizing the Force™ training session, as a token of their appreciation of the students and the “hell that we put them through”.  We think that the satisfaction of knowing that you’re able to pass on knowledge to a new generation of warriors, is just a fantastic experience for us the instructors, and letting those who will carry on that mission, know that you care about them and their success is a part of the foundation of our core values; we think it adds that “extra something.”  

So that’s how it all started; the talents of each of our Cadré started to shine through, at the end of each course, we came up with new ideas, so we thought what else could we do, how else could we honor our students and the community.  What if we could design apparel and gear for our Combat Control and Pararescue team members, and our SoF friends and family? We started tooling with some designs and ideas, many of which are based off of fond memories, really funny quotes and mixed metaphors, from Shaun’s 22-year career and experiences in the Air Force. Not only did we want to create specific designs, but we wanted to broaden the scope of the company and offer our talents to military personnel and civilians alike.

In mid-2020 STS, Inc. launched the apparel store, designing a few shirts, baseball hats, and other great products specifically for the community, debuting in June of 2020 with the goal of producing three new products per month.

We think we’re off to a great start, and look forward to hearing from you. Below are some of the other services and products Special Tactics Solutions, Inc. provides. Please do not hesitate to follow up for more information if you’re interested in our other endeavors!

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